Bi couple met a man when camping in the mountains

When bi couples come out, they will want to look for a bi man or bi woman to have date. At the same time, the desire of dating with others will become more and more intense, whether they are shy or not. John and Lily are married for 5 years. Lily is a journalist, in an occasional opportunity, she interviewed bisexual people and wrote bisexual related articles. Gradually, she became more and more aware of bisexuality and made friends with some of them. Since then, bisexuality is like a seed buried in her heart.
The beginning of a period of time, Lily did not realize that the concept of bisexuality has gradually affected her. When she found that bisexuality in her mind is not just a word, and she is more yearning to join the bisexual team. Finally, she told John her thoughts. It is fortunate that John is an open-mind man. He encouraged lily to pursue her sexual orientation bravely. At the same time, he will help her. Because of John's help, they positioned themselves as bi couple. They decided to be a happy bisexual couple from the next week, meet partner together, have date together, play threesome together. This weekend, in order to commemorate the straight life in the past 5 years as well as celebrating the bisexual life form the next week. They decided to do something meaningful - camping.
Saturday morning, they are ready to drive on the destination. The destination is Grand Canyon National Park. After about five hours' drive, they went to their destination. Stopped the car and started walking. Finally chose a beautiful scenery and relatively few people, ready to build tents. Everything is ready, start picnic, enjoy the afternoon sun and leisure time. Unknowingly, the evening came, a young man came to them, looks like a person who travels frequently. The man wants to put the tent next to them. John and Lily agreed to his request. After being packed, John and Lily invited men to join their picnic together. They began to chat with each other. John and Lily told the man about their life, job. The man shared the story that something about his journey. Finally, lily told the men the meaning of their camping. They would be a bi couple. The man's eyes showed a pleasant surprise. Just as God was giving him a very loving gift. Later, John and Lily realized that the man was a bi man, and he chose to travel because he could not tolerate his colleagues, and the surroundings had a strange look when he came out as bisexual.

Later things can be guessed, John and Lily have a different sex experience, it is a wonderful, excited night. This is their sign of the bi couple. Is the most profound date of a date.