Bi couples have fun with bi man for 3some

Only open-minded person accepts the threesome relationship. In fact, many bi couples no matter they are young or older, they are enjoy having fun with third person. That’s why threesome bisexual dating site is popular today. 
In generally, as a new one join in the group, we wanna try new thing, at the same time, we have to ask a question, how bi couples hook up with third one? In fact, it’s not a big problem for both bi woman & man and bi couples. Having threesome dating with bi couples is a relax thing. Just need to enjoy. 
When bi couples hook up with bi male for threesome, it must be unforgettable. I had an experience with a bisexual couple. We matched on a bisexual dating site, then we chatted with each other. The first time I chatted with me was the man, he was a straight, his wife was bi woman so that they loved to meet some bi woman to have fun. He introduced me to his wife, we were very happy to chat with each other, we talked many things about bi woman and bi woman dating. And asked something about bi couples dating. It’s amazing. I hope to have fun with them for my first bi couples dating. because they were friendly, clean, no drug and drama. That’s the partner I wanted. 
The difference is they hope to find a long-term relationship with a bisexual woman this time. When I knew this, we have talked with each other for half mouth. I had no idea to deal with this situation. I hope to have fun with them, they were so kind, but I did not know if I can have long-term relationship with them. I’m so upset. 
I have thought about this over and over again. I really wanna try this. Therefore, I decided to meet with them. To avoid embarrassment, we decided that only two women meet. She was a pretty, cute and confident woman for 32 years old. It’s a very happy afternoon. After that, I decided to try to have fun with them. 
Now, we have the relationship with each other for half year, we are so happy to stay together. We just meet each other two or three times a month. that’s enough for me and for them. They are happy married couple, I don't want to participate too much in their lives. 
This is my first threesome relationship with bi couples. It’s beautiful and amazing. Do you like to have a 3some bisexual dating with someone?