Nearly 40 percent of American women do not care about sex

A recent study in the United States found that nearly half of women had varying degrees of sexual dysfunction, but only 12% of people were "distressed". The survey was published in the November issue of the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The study was completed by Dr. James, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Vincent Menopause Project at the Massachusetts General Hospital.
Researcher surveyed 31,581 women over the age of 18 with an average age of 49 years, one of the largest ever studied. Researchers on the one hand asked whether they are sexual desire, sexual arousal and orgasm obstacles; the other hand, whether they are because of sexual dysfunction and distress, they use the "female sexual depression level table" to measure, ask women to use "no Happy "," guilt "," distress "or" distress "and other words to describe their own sexual dysfunction caused by emotions.
The results showed that 43.1% of women had sexual dysfunction. One of the most common is low sexual desire, the proportion of 39%; 26% of female sexual arousal difficulties; 21% of people is difficult to reach orgasm.
But the researchers did not expect that only 12% of women believe that sexual dysfunction caused them to worry. Whether "trapped by sex" also varies from age to age. The study found. Women over the age of 65 most "want to open", although they have the highest probability of sexual problems, but the proportion of this trouble is the lowest; 45-64-year-old middle-aged women most vulnerable to this upset; 18-44 years old problem least.
In addition, those who suffer from depression, the risk of sexual problems are twice the chance of other people. Dr. James suggested that women should pay attention to their sexualdysfunction. "Sex is an indispensable part of marriage, couples should pay attention to the sexual status of the partner, find a way to solve." He also stressed that women should be careful with antidepressants, because it will reduce sexual desire. Fatigue, stress, etc. will also affect the quality of life.