How could you make sure your sexual orientation? (one)

Bisexual dating websites not only a platform to help bisexuals, bi couples and bi curious people find their partner or lover, but also to provide advice on solving their problems about dating and sexual orientation and so on. Today, we will talk about how you make sure your sexual orientation.
There is no doubt that people’s sexual orientation includes heterosexual, gay and bisexual. Sexual orientation is a relatively vague concept. Not very clearly. Like my friend, a woman,went to college as well as before she was very sure that she was straight. After graduation, she made a serious relationship with a girl. She told me that her girlfriends like a boyfriend. “He” could do everything for her. She love her “boyfriend”. And now I still don’t know straight, bisexual and lesbian, which one label is belong to her.
So. How should we make sure our sexual orientation? This is serious problem. How can we not know our sexual orientation? Bisexual dating service will help you solve the problem. At first, we should understand sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is "persistent to one or two sexes that produce emotions, romance and sexual attraction”. 
Sexual orientation is determined by what.
Sexual orientation has been determined at the time of birth, and is not affected by the environment. Sexual orientation is not a choice, nor is it that you can control it. Although the scientific community for the sexual orientation of the consensus that sexual orientation is persistent, can’t be changed. But for human beings, sexual behavior is highly controllable. So a person can have sexual orientation does not match the sexual behavior. In other words, a heterosexual person may be involved in homosexual sex, and a homosexual person may be involved in heterosexual sexual behavior. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between sexual orientation and sexual behavior. For example, a homosexual person may choose to have sex with the opposite sex or even marriage, which only shows that his (her) sexual object is "heterosexual" does not mean that his (her) sexual orientation "into" heterosexual orientation. Some people believe that the so-called "pseudo-homosexuality" or "opportunistic homosexuality", they for example that the army, the temple, some people are homosexual, but after leaving, no longer, and to prove sexual orientation can change. This is also a typical example of confusing sexual orientation with sexual behavior. Many of these people are only in specific circumstances, due to the lack of access to the opposite sex opportunities, so involved in sexual behavior between the same sex. They never belong to homosexuality.