Women's bed needs you should understand these

In fact, a woman is a sensible animal, and sometimes women want a man to carefully observe their own preferences, do not push everything is a move, if a man can seriously see the needs of a woman, make your women love themselves. The following woman's bed needs, you have to remember.
1. Praise her body
No matter how beautiful a woman's body, her subconscious, there will be exposed to the body of shame and sense of inferiority. Women tend to focus on the body defects, such as the thigh is not slender or chest full of fullness, and the impact of sexual pleasure. But if the man can be on the lover's body holding the attitude of appreciation, to give encouragement and praise, the woman will be easier to relax, will be completely trust to give themselves to each other.
2. Concerned about her feelings
Most men want to love themselves, but some sex skills, women do not necessarily like. Love is an interactive process, there is a tacit understanding of the couple, there are exchanges of misunderstanding, the only way is to pay attention to her feelings, always keep in touch. To observe her reaction, or ask her 'like this,' thoughtful behavior will make her feel sweet, but also make your love more and more harmonious.
Love sensitive areas vary from person to person, everyone loves the way of caress is not the same, keep the attention and communication is very important.
When a woman exposes the most privacy to the other half, even if he is not perfect, he will look forward to his praise, which will help to improve her self-confidence and participation.
3. The atmosphere
Woman is a sensible animal, in the process of having sex, her vision, smell, hearing, touch are in an open state, very keen, any sensory romantic feelings will be what she likes. For example, low-lying music, romantic lighting, and attractive perfume, and moving love is to create an atmosphere of the kill skills, spirited love words will make her instantly become tender and soft.
High quality sex life is not the beginning of the bed, but go to bed together through the time. For example, a romantic dinner, an anniversary surprise, a special gift.
4. With her physical and mental blend
Few women will only love for the desire, they in this process, want to get the body and the spirit of the double satisfaction. So, women want to love in advance and do more emotional communication with her, such as listening to her troubles, soothe her anxiety, pay attention to her needs, in the spirit of good communication on the basis of, in order to truly complete a perfect love.
Women make sex life as a process of physical and mental unity. So, when the quarrel, men often want to use sex to reconciliation, but women can’t make love in this mood.
5. Can’t perfunctory foreplay
Women often will be gentle and considerate of the foreplay as a manifestation of love, meticulous care is not only the appreciation of her body, but also the truth revealed. Although this is a lot of people understand that, but there will be a man from their own to go straight to the subject, this will only make women feel resentment, let alone the perfect love of love.
The physiological characteristics of women, she decided to take a long time to excitement. The man's sexual intercourse before the start of the caressing behavior, including kissing, hugging, touching, and even massage, all contribute to the woman excited.
6. Don’t immediately fall asleep after sex
If you are in sex, you are exhausted and fell asleep, no woman will think so: he just treat me as a distraction tool, he did not love me. American well-known therapist Dr. Judy also pointed out that people in the process of sex, the brain's pituitary gland secretion of posterior aphrodisiac, people have a warm and want to embrace the desire, and women more likely than men to produce this hormone. So, after sex, women will be more eager to embrace and caress.
Women are more excited than male sexual excitement, the same orgasm after the consumer is also slow, the man can continue to give some stimulation to help her slowly eliminate.
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