Bisexual, it’s painful to control yourself!

Emotional occupies a considerable proportion of life, but there is no doubt that bisexual living space will pay harder than normal people, compared with straight people. because the pressure of family and society, many people were forced to choose a marriage, it’s difficult to keep relationship all the time, and this part of the people certainly will not get the blessing from parents, friends and even colleagues, this life is not perfect, there will not be much happiness at all.
Bisexual is "loaded in the cabinet of people", in reality, deeply wrapped up, disguised as the mainstream of society, forced by heavy pressure and burden from family and social. They afraid to let others know their sexualorientation, Including their friends and families, the kind of loneliness can’t be distracted, the feelings can’t be sustenance, full of sadness in their heart, due to the enormous pressure and burden, bisexual can’t through the normal channels to vent their feelings. Only through some abnormal way, which certainly has a great negative impact on real life. Although the social status of homosexuals has improved in recent years, experts generally agree that it is still very difficult for the survival of this particular group, suffered serious social discrimination. Because of discrimination and exclusion, there will be so much damage behavior between each other, the formation of a vicious circle.
Nearly 40 years old, with children, the burden of heavier, stable family and healthy body is very important. Many people think that the circle of bisexual is very chaotic, but can’t control themselves, I can understand the feelings to control themselves is really a very painful thing, I control myself not to do, but can’t control myself not to think. Some needs and pain can’t vent and release, it is difficult to communicate with people, in addition to adjust ourselves, only to maximize our own busy, as far as possible through other way to distraction.
A lot of bisexuals’ blog, the word between the lines showed anxiety and dissatisfaction, some depressed and helpless to the reality, the attitude towards life is also very negative, I feel the same some of my mentality. In real life, my character is very easygoing, but also satisfied with the happy, but I am not happy, I know the reason.
Sometimes, I felt uncomfortable, but I do not know for what. Sometimes, with around people to talk and laugh, but I felt very alone and lonely. Sometimes, looking out the window quietly, will feel that I am an easy to be forgotten people. Sometimes, feel that the world is really fake, very hypocritical. Sometimes, really want to disappear from this world.
When I was alone, listen to a classic old song, with the melody to resolve the lonely mood, so that the mood slowly in the music and bright; When I was alone, to a quiet place to walk, and open dialogue, and natural exchange , Is their own heart injury, it is necessary to learn to silence in the convalescence; When I was alone, it is facing the sky daze, torture their own soul, anatomy of their own spirit, tell myself, even if lonely, but also strong to go.
It’s hard for bisexual in real life. Fortunately, we can make friends online. Through bisexual dating website, we can tell others about our feelings. We can make bisexual friends. We can stay together with each other. Bisexuals are not alone.