Bi couples do not know if they could join in bisexual dating site

Who should join in bisexual dating sites? The answer is that someone want to have a bisexual date or bi couples date. Even through you want to a threesome date, you could join in bisexual dating site. In fact, some couples do not know if they could join in bisexual dating site. 
There are two sides they are thinking about. No1. Bi couples are interested in looking for a partner to have fun, but they are worried about the third one will destroy their marriage relationship. No2. Some bi couples decide to found a partner, but they worry about the partner are unhealthy. 
It’s necessary for us to think about the two questions. On the one hand, we should try our best to make us happy. On the other hand, we have to avoid hidden dangers. Let’s think about the two questions carefully. 
In gender relations, monogamy is the mainstream of today's society. With sexual orientation being subdivided, homosexuality and bisexuality appear on the basis of heterosexuality. We began to yearn for more and more complex relationships. If there is a couple, one of wife or husband are bisexual, the bisexual will want to look for another sex person to have fun. This is the reason for sexual orientation. If you worried about it will destroy your marriage relationship when a new one join in your sex relationship. You could do something to avoid the unhappy thing happen. Firstly, you can agree with the partner, you just keep a simple sexual relationship. In this relationship, bi couples could be happy with partner, it depends on the bisexual, he as an important part.
If husband were a bisexual, and you will find a bi man to have fun. You should follow your wife's wish if she is willing to have sex with bi man. If the answer is Yes, in the process of dating, you should provide enough space and time for her and the bi man. 
If wife were a bisexual, and you will find a bi woman to have date. In general, husband is pleasure to have with two women. And you should offer enough space and time to your husband and partner, too.
You should be cautious when choosing a partner, and if you are going to let him join you, you can ask for a medical report, especially for sexually transmitted diseases. Only in the premise of ensuring health, we can be happy, rest assured the date. The premise is that you have to make sure you are healthy before you decided join in bisexual dating site. 

Both of the two questions are solved. There is no doubt that bi couples can join in bisexual dating site. In gender relations, we should trust our wife or our husband. Trust each other is the basis for a happy bi couple dating.