Most people do not know the top ten sex

Many people do not know the top ten sex. So our bisexual dating site sorted out the world's top ten sex. Let’s share with you.
1.      The world's longest penis

At the beginning of the 20th century, the official recognition of the world's largest penny turned out, its owner is Dr. Robert Dickson. Dixon's penis is 13.5 inches long (about 34 centimeters) and the circumference is 6.25 inches (about 16 centimeters). The largest person at present penis is none other than Jonah Falken. Jonah has a 34-centimeter of the world's longest penis, the picture shows Jonah is in the Guinness-certified officials to describe their height when the penis erection.
2.      The world's most people have sex records at same time

The Japanese have succeeded in creating a new world record: they organized 250 young men and 250 young women, and in advance for their grouping, and then in the same warehouse, at the same time began to make love, thus completing the world on the largest collective sex activities.
3.      The largest number of individuals in the day to record the number of sex
In 2004, the famous actress Lisa (Lisa) in a day and 919 men had sexual relations, as a new world record (an average of 1 minute to get 1).
4.      The world's largest chest
Annie Hawkins-Turner, 53-year-old woman in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, with the 102ZZZ's large bust, "the world's largest natural breasts" Guinness Book of Records. Her breast weight of 38.5 kg, equivalent to eight bowling weight.
5.      The world 's longest masturbation
In 2009, in the San Francisco Sexuality Center held in the masturbation marathon, last year's champion, the Japanese Masanobu Sato successfully defended the championship, created a new record of masturbation 9 hours 58 minutes, breaking his own the record 9 hours 33 minutes last year. The man from 10 o'clock in the morning before the opening of the game has not stopped masturbation to 8 pm when match closing.
6.      The highest ejaculation
Horst Schultz scribes the sperm at 6 meters and he is also the world record holder of ejaculation speed and heights - his ejaculation rate of 68.7 km / h, can shoot the fine to 3.76 meters The height (listening to the data like air defense artillery).
7.      The largest human genital specimens
In the history of Russia, the legendary monk Gregory Efimovich Rasputin is said to be able to make women fascinated by the original, he has made all the female crazy huge reproductive organs. The museum showed the reproductive organs in the contraction and weakness is still up to 28.5 cm, soaked in a high-glass containers with anti-corrosion solution.
8.      Enjoy the largest number of virgins
According to historical records, the greatest sexual carnival in the history of mankind occurred in the year 200 BC, when a total of 7,000 people wanted to enjoy the fish and water. In the 18th century, the Kingdom of Tonga, all the virgin primary night can only be enjoyed by the king. In 1777, the old 80-year-old has an average daily sexual intercourse with 8-10 virgins. According to statistics, the king of the Communist Party of China and 37,000 virgins had sex.
9.      The world's largest number of collective nude world record
Mexican capital Mexico City Center Constitution Square, the famous American nude artist Spencer Tourney for nearly 20,000 Mexicans took a collective nude, breaking the 2003 in Barcelona, Spain, 7,000 people while taking nude photos of the record.
10.  Sex marathon record
In Poland's International Sexual Exposition held the first World Collective Sexuality Championships, the Polish beauty of Figu La set a new global record, that is, within 8 hours of continuous intermittent sexual intercourse with 646 men, broke in one fell swoop The United States out of Houston hit a continuous record with 620 men make love for the old record.