Bi couple want to tell you something

Bi couples looking for bisexual singles or bi man (bi woman) looking for bi couples. Like this pairing way, always regarded as threesome. So bi couples want to talk to others about bisexual dating with someone. 
In fact, all we know that threesome are not the same as bi-couples with their partner. 
John couple said:” We were loyal to each other in the past twenty years of marriage. And five years ago, we accidentally touched LGBT community. And then we started to study bisexuality because of our curiosity. The beginning of the time, we believe we are bisexual.
With our understanding of bisexual, we are increasingly curious about their sexual orientation, so that we began to try dating with bisexual single. At that time, we position ourselves in bi curious. We only dating with them (bi woman/bi man). We just talking with each other without sex. A few months later, with the deepening of our friendship, we think we can develop our relationship not only talking with each other, but also have sex with each other, and keep the relationship with us. So now, we have two partner with us, one of them is bi woman, and another is bi man. We also have date with each other every week. Sometimes, we would go another place to have a holiday. The life is so wonderful. In my opinion, I’d love to believe that I and my husband are bisexual. Twenty years of marriage life made us lack of passion. There is a new partner to join us, my husband and I are getting better and better. I think the biggest difference of bi couples and threesome is love.
Threesome people have sex just for fun. However, bi couples are not, because of love, love the person and the relationship, they keep the relationship with partner. And threesome people, their partner usually be changed, but for bi couple, their partner are only one or two. It’s a fixed partner. ”
In our real life, bisexuals come out more and more. Inevitably, bi couples also more and more. At the same time, it’s possible for all of us from straight to bisexual. Perhaps, it can be said, many people are bicurious, but they have not yet found.