Bi couples have fun with bi man for 3some

Only open-minded person accepts the threesome relationship. In fact, many bi couples no matter they are young or older, they are enjoy having fun with third person. That’s why threesome bisexual dating site is popular today.  read more>>

Is it wrong for a bisexual to have sex with gay men?

Is it wrong for a bisexual to have sex with gay men? Before we define it’s wrong or right, we should know what happened. If we want to have sex with someone, there should be some reasons. For example, you love someone, you want to have fun someone. Both of them are totally different reason. Some reasons always prompt us to do something. read more>>

Should bisexual come out?

This is a serious question for bisexual. Many bisexual women and bi men still stay in the gay group or lesbian community. They are no courage to come out. Maybe they do not know whether they should come out.  read more>>

When is your most special bi couples dating?

No matter you have how many times bi couples dating, I believe that there must be once bisexual couples dating made you impressive deeply in your heart. There is a bi couple shared me a dating which was most special in their heart. read more>>

When did you realize your sexual orientation?

Recently, we have always seen some questions about sexual orientation. Today, let’s talk about when did you realize your sexual orientation. We have collect some information from some friends online. Some of them are straight, some are gay, lesbian, and another are bisexual woman and bisexual more>>

If your roommate is a bisexual

Today, anywhere you are, you will find bisexual people. Anywhere you go, you will see bisexual woman or bisexual man. Then, don’t you ever think about you will live with a bisexual? What will you do? No matter you are bisexual, lesbian, or gay, you have the right to follow your heart, to fall in love with someone. Sometimes in different stages of growth, we will fall in love with different sexes people, please calm down, do not worry too much about your sexual orientation, just to pursue your love.  read more>>

Bi couples do not know if they could join in bisexual dating site

Who should join in bisexual dating sites? The answer is that someone want to have a bisexual date or bi couples date. Even through you want to a threesome date, you could join in bisexual dating site. In fact, some couples do not know if they could join in bisexual dating site. read more>>

Bi couple met a man when camping in the mountains

When bi couples come out, they will want to look for a bi man or bi woman to have date. At the same time, the desire of dating with others will become more and more intense, whether they are shy or not. John and Lily are married for 5 years. Lily is a journalist, in an occasional opportunity, she interviewed bisexual people and wrote bisexual related articles. Gradually, she became more and more aware of bisexuality and made friends with some of them. Since then, bisexuality is like a seed buried in her heart.

What will happen when bi man meets bi couple at first time?

Many bi couples want to look for some partners with sex to meet their sexual needs. Some bi couples like male partner, some other bi couples like female partner. There will some groups with mmf and mff. At the same time, bi couples’ dating is different from threesome dating. It’s possible for both husband and wife have sex with a man or a woman. However, the members of threesome usually only have sex with another sex. Because most of them are straight. There is a question come out, what will happen when bi man meets bi couples?

The five Sexual psychology of bisexual men

Bisexual men and bisexual women, it is possible for men and women to have a demand, but, compared with bisexual women, bi men's sexual psychology is still different. According to research and analysis, men's psychological habits are the following: several bisexual men get together, especially when a few acquaintances chat together, always talk about such a topic, whether it is bisexual man, or straight. read more>>

The frequency of sex life list

Although we are bisexual dating site, we still want to provide some interesting sex articles for everyone. The frequency of sexual life is mainly related to people's age and status. Today there is a very interesting data, is about 13 countries over the age of 34 men and women (including LGBT and straight people) for the object of sexual life survey. Take a look at the sex life between more>>


Why do men touch the woman's boobs when kissing?

Breast has been a little attractive to men, whether it is to see or touch have a comfortable feeling. Full and flexible chest exposed the perfect curve of women, tall breasts gives a strong visual impact and beauty, giving a strong desire for sex.So when they kiss, they do not consciously put the claws to the woman's boobs. especially for adult men, in fact, his deep kiss is not the main purpose, flap is the target. They can enjoy this pleasure, but also a temptation, on behalf of you can accept this, then he can carry on the next more>>

 Women's bed needs you should understand these

In fact, a woman is a sensible animal, and sometimes women want a man to carefully observe their own preferences, do not push everything is a move, if a man can seriously see the needs of a woman, make your women love themselves. The following woman's bed needs, you have to more>>



A New Definition of Sexual Behavior in Men and Women

Sexual life focuses on emotional exchange. They want men to continue to love and embrace more after sexual intercourse. Sexual fun from many aspects. Women in the process of sexual intercourse, the fun is from the physical and spiritual aspects.The process of orgasm. Men can keep the highest level of pleasure by keeping a high level of arousal and more vociferous. To avoid ejaculation too fast, this is the real climax reaction.Touch and caress is also sex. Women always say that in sexual activity, physical contact and intimacy are far more important than more>>


Nearly 40 percent of American women do not care about sex

A recent study in the United States found that nearly half of women had varying degrees of sexual dysfunction, but only 12% of people were "distressed". The survey was published in the November issue of the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The study was completed by Dr. James, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Vincent Menopause Project at the Massachusetts General more>>


Most people do not know the top ten sex

The world's longest penis. At the beginning of the 20th century, the official recognition of the world's largest penny turned out, its owner is Dr. Robert Dickson. Dixon's penis is 13.5 inches long (about 34 centimeters) and the circumference is 6.25 inches (about 16 centimeters). The largest person at present penis is none other than Jonah Falken. Jonah has a 34-centimeter of the world's longest penis, the picture shows Jonah is in the Guinness-certified officials to describe their height when the penis more>>

Bi couple want to tell you something

In the process of sex, the release of human hormones so that we can not feel the pressure. This reaction can even be maintained for several hours until the level of hormones returns to the normal level of the entire body system.(offered by bisexual dating sites)   read more>>



Do you still treat youself as gay?

As people's sexual orientation is becoming more and more open, bisexual dating websites are growing, and bisexuals are starting to come out from straight, gay, lesbian. In fact, there are still many bisexuals not come out. They are shy and feel inferiority for their sexual orientation. Do not be ashamed of our love with men and women at the same time. This is the gift God has given us. read more>>

  Bisexual, it’s painful to control yourself!

Emotional occupies a considerable proportion of life, but there is no doubt that bisexual living space will pay harder than normal people, compared with straight people. because the pressure of family and society, many people were forced to choose a marriage, it’s difficult to keep relationship all the time, and this part of the people certainly will not get the blessing from parents...  read more>>

How could you make sure your sexual orientation? (three)

When to be fully aware of their own sexual orientation? For straight, the determination of sexual orientation is an easy task. However for bisexual, gay and lesbian, it’s a difficult task. There is a bi man on our bisexual dating site, he was aware of his sexual orientation when he was 43 years old. It’s amazing for straight people.  But it’s happened. Now, let’s know about these things. read more>>


How could you make sure your sexual orientation? (two)

We have understand the decisive factors. Now we have to figure out another question. How to judge your sexual orientation? To help you make sure you are a bisexual, lesbian or gay. In general, you are part of LGBT or straight. There are three steps for us to make sure our sexual orientation. This article belong to second step.  read more>>



How could you make sure your sexual orientation? (one)

Bisexual dating websites not only a platform to help bisexuals, bi couples and bi curious people find their partner or lover, but also to provide advice on solving their problems about dating and sexual orientation and so on. Today, we will talk about how you make sure your sexual orientation. read more>>



Bi couple want to tell you something

Bi couples looking for bisexual singles or bi man (bi woman) looking for bi couples. Like this pairing way, always regarded as threesome. So bi couples want to talk to others about bisexual dating with someone.In fact, all we know that threesome are not the same as bi-couples with their partner. John couple said:” We were loyal to each other in the past twenty years of marriage. And five years ago, we accidentally touched LGBT community.   read more>>