Do you still treat youself as gay?

As people's sexual orientation is becoming more and more open, bisexual dating websites are growing, and bisexuals are starting to come out from straight, gay, lesbian. In fact, there are still many bisexuals not come out. They are shy and feel inferiority for their sexual orientation. Do not be ashamed of our love with men and women at the same time. This is the gift God has given us.
Love yourself before you love others. If you can not follow your own heart, you will not be happy. Life is too long, we have to live our favorite life, love the people we love.
Even through you are bisexual, I know you still stay in gay community or lesbian community. And now read this article. You want to come out, but you scared. You are afraid of others ridicule and discrimination, fear of losing friends now, fear of family do not understand of you. And sometimes you scan the bisexualdating websites again and again at deep night. You fancy sex with bi couples. They make you happy and excited. You have sex with bi couples like threesome. Bi man and bi woman, bi man and you, bi woman and you with different positions. When the day comes, you put away your inner thoughts and continue to play gay or lesbian. In fact, your heart is empty lonely. You need really bisexual partner’s help. You need them no matter with sex or your heart, you need them.

Come out and have date with bisexuals. Be a really bisexual is not bad. When you join bisexual chat rooms you will found that bisexuals can have a happy life with themselives. And you are happy, too. To follow your own heart is not so difficult. Every bisexual are pleasure help you. The most important thing is that you are more likely to find your beloved. Come on, have fun with bisexual women,bisexual men and bi couples on bisexual dating sites.