How could you make sure your sexual orientation? (two)

We have understand the decisive factors. Now we have to figure out another question. How to judge your sexual orientation? To help you make sure you are a bisexual, lesbian or gay. In general, you are part of LGBT or straight. There are three steps for us to make sure our sexual orientation. This article belong to second step.

From our perspectives, before you want to have date with bisexuals, you should know which sex people you love. So that you can find your favorite partner soon.
Now let’s return from this digression. How to judge your sexual orientation?
Sexual orientation is defined as sexual desire and emotional desire for a certain gender (or gender). So in order to judge the orientation, we need two factors. Many people only through mechanical friction, can erection or even orgasm, so only rely on sexual behavior to determine sexual orientation, is completely unreliable. Sexual orientation does not require sexual or emotional experience. Some people mistakenly think that if you have not tried, sexual orientation can’t be judged. Sexual orientation is actually an intuition, even if a person has no sexual experience in the case, still can determine their sexual orientation. Some people often use "like" to express intimacy, but like a very vague concept, but if you do not have sexual attraction, it is clearly not related to sexual orientation.
Homosexual orientation of people, can like the opposite sex, but also have a deep friendship. Sexual orientation is only their own, through their own intuition, sensory attraction and emotional desire, to make judgments.
So, is there something useful for you? Do you know your sexual orientation? If you were bisexual or bi-curious, welcome join us bisexual dating sites for bisexual singles, bi couples and bi-curious.