How could you make sure your sexual orientation? (three)

When to be fully aware of their own sexual orientation? For straight, the determination of sexual orientation is an easy task. However for bisexual, gay and lesbian, it’s a difficult task. There is a bi man on our bisexual dating site, he was aware of his sexual orientation when he was 43 years old. It’s amazing for straight people.  But it’s happened. Now, let’s know about these things.

In general, some adolescents at the age of 12 have been clearly aware of their sexual orientation. Another part of the young people in the 12-year-old stage to continue to explore their sexual orientation and gradually determined down. The vast majority of people at the age of 20 can clearly understand their sexual orientation. But some people may be in the 40-50 years of age suddenly aware of their sexual orientation and convinced. These conditions are normal, a person aware of their sexual orientation sooner or later, and personal experience, in which the social and cultural environment, there is a big difference. This is the fact that although the scientific community has a consensus on the distribution of homosexuality in the total population, the proportion of "comrades" is very different in each culture. The so-called "homosexuality is more and more", In fact, is the lack of knowledge of this problem caused. In fact, with the social
progress and openness, more and more homosexual people are more aware of their sexual orientation earlier and more and more people dare to live in their own (or at least in a certain range) To their true nature of life, only to give this so-called "more and more homosexual" impression.
Bisexuals, when were you aware of your sexual orientation? If you make sure it, would you like to come out and make friends with bisexual singles and bi couples?