If your roommate is a bisexual

Today, anywhere you are, you will find bisexual people. Anywhere you go, you will see bisexual woman or bisexual man. Then, don’t you ever think about you will live with a bisexual? What will you do?
Lara met a bisexual roommate when she was in college. Of course, when she came in college, she did not know her roommate was a bisexual. She only looked like a boy with short hair and love cooking. Interestingly, only Lara and Kelly lived in this room. Lara is a pretty and outgoing girl. Kelly is a handsome and a little shy girl. At the beginning of college life, Lara disliked Kelly, because of her strange behavior, she always looked like a boy. Lara made friends with others in college, and drank a lot of wine so that she had been unable to standing normal when she come back. Lara was not obediently sleeping, she felt the stomach is very uncomfortable, and then began to vomit. Kelly can’t make herself stay away from Lara, so she helped her clean up the bedroom and take care of her. Next day, when Lara waked up, she smelled a food scent. Then Kelly came in with a bowl of porridge. Kelly knew that porridge can help the stomach more comfortable. Lara was
surprised, Kelly suddenly became very cute in her heart. Lara was so sorry for dislike and misunderstanding to Kelly before. Lara began to accept Kelly and made friends with her. Gradually, she found that she sometimes did not regard kelly as a girl, but as a boy. Kelly was also taking care of her, always in general life. One day, Lara saw Kelly was go walk with another girl, she was a little angry, of course she was not aware of her angry with Kelly. But, at night, she was angry with Kelly and shouted at her. The next few days, Lara particularly painful, and finally she suddenly realized that she fell in love with Kelly. So she had the courage to tell the love to Kelly. Kelly was so happy. Of course, she loved Lara, too. Lara told Kelly she had a boyfriend before go to college, but they broke up. Kelly know that, Lara could fall in love with boy and girl. Although she is a bisexual, it’s doesn’t matter, Lara love her now. Now story is clearly, bisexual is Lara, Kelly only a lesbian. But Lara didn’t aware that.
No matter you are bisexual, lesbian, or gay, you have the right to follow your heart, to fall in love with someone. Sometimes in different stages of growth, we will fall in love with different sexes people, please calm down, do not worry too much about your sexual orientation, just to pursue your love.