Is it wrong for a bisexual to have sex with gay men?

Is it wrong for a bisexual to have sex with gay men? Before we define it’s wrong or right, we should know what happened. If we want to have sex with someone, there should be some reasons. For example, you love someone, you want to have fun someone. Both of them are totally different reason. Some reasons always prompt us to do something.

There is a friend who has had trouble recently. He is a bisexual man. He always wants to have sex with different gay men. One of his bed partner fell in love with him. He was shocked. When he told the partner he only had have fun with him. The partner angry with him. He didn’t know what should do, and he began to doubt whether his behaviors and thoughts were right.

He wanted to get help from me. But I am afraid to guide him to an awkward position so that I want to share my idea to all of yours, to help me get a more reasonable opinion.

In my opinion, if you want to have sex with someone, there must be some reasons. If you love someone, you should tell him before you have fun with him on the bed. That’s true love I think. If you just want to have fun with someone, don’t have sex with one person for twice. Like Joey (A soap opera character calledFriends). He always looking for some girls to have fun for once. Because he doesn’t want to fall in love with others. As the relationship of bisexual manand gay man, should hold the same attitude to have fun with someone. But do not provoke serious people. They will try them best to hate you after they found you just play with them.

Back to my friend, my suggestion is that if you only want to have fun with gay man. You’d better turn off your feeling of love and never show them to your partner if you not sure you love him. At the same time, if you just play with others, you should accept there are someone angry with you and hate you. If you find some people who are like you just for fun, that’s the best ends. If not, you should be careful, friend.