A New Definition of Sexual Behavior in Men and Women

Sexual life focuses on emotional exchange. They want men to continue to love and embrace more after sexual intercourse. Sexual fun from many aspects. Women in the process of sexual intercourse, the fun is from the physical and spiritual aspects.
The process of orgasm. Men can keep the highest level of pleasure by keeping a high level of arousal and more vociferous. To avoid ejaculation too fast, this is the real climax reaction.
Touch and caress is also sex. Women always say that in sexual activity, physical contact and intimacy are far more important than orgasm.

The meaning of massage. When the genitals are rubbed and touched, the penile erection and vaginal lubrication will take place within a few seconds.
Women's postmenopausal sexy ability. Postmenopausal women have a tendency to slow down or diminish in the physiological response of the sexual response cycle, but the ability to enjoy orgasm is still intact.
Sexual morality.
"Adultery and prostitution are part of dual sexuality, which give men - married and unmarried - women are denied for economic reasons."
"There is a view that" for the social and cultural achievements of the interests of adolescents abstinence is necessary. "
Caressing is sex outside the genitalia in addition to physical contact, caressing behavior intensity of the different, it can be subdivided into touch, kiss, embrace these three specific sexual behavior. Stiffness is mainly the contact between the skin of both sexes. This sexual behavior can make the individual feel the special sexual stimulation, which leads to individual sexual motivation, and get a certain degree of sexual pleasure. Women's skin is particularly sensitive and easy to accept. Fingers are most sensitive to women's lips, cheeks, forehead, hair, chest, milk, neck, buttocks, waist, hips, legs, feet, hands and external genital organs. Mainly lips, hands, legs and external genitalia. Stroke can only be limited to several parts of the surface. Once the act of kissing, the friction of this sexual behavior is likely to deep
development, such as touching the opposite sex chest, breast, waist, thigh, ankle, buttocks. And then further exercise on the development of sexual intercourse between the masturbation behavior.
The tragedy of sex
The tragedy of sex is that it is always the first time the climax is over.
You have the right to be a climax of animals.
You have the right to become a lustful woman.
You have the right to have an independent sexy self.
Whether your orgasm is a volcanic creaky trembling, an iceberg crumbled feeling, or a gentle and wonderful melody, you have the right to be fully satisfied, fully accepted to be understood and carved.
Know the wonderful whirlpool of the climax of the limit.
Feel the kind of dance in the "happy epilepsy."