Should bisexual come out?

This is a serious question for bisexual. Many bisexual women and bi men still stay in the gay group or lesbian community. They are no courage to come out. Maybe they do not know whether they should come out.

As all we know, some people are criticized by public or friend. Especially for celebrity, once they decide to come out, they will be under enormous public pressure. Some
people support their sexual orientation, others oppose their sexual orientation. For those who come out, psychological stress is very large, especially when everyone does not support his sexual orientation. At this time, the best relief for them is suicide. As a bisexual woman, whenever I think of these things and the tragic ending, there will are not anymore courage to come out. Would rather be a bisexual, in front of others as a lesbian or straight.

However, not all things are so pessimistic. Some bisexual got a happier life after they come out. Many friends told me before them come out, their emotion was very low and become reticent. Later, they try their best to make some bisexual friends, by communicating with them, they gradually found themselves. And fell in love with someone who is bisexual. Finally, they still courage to tell friends and family they were bisexual man or bisexual woman. Whether the family encourages or opposes them, in the end they all live with their own way. And harvest the happy love. This is the best ending for bisexuals who do not come out.

We hope have a great ending, but we still not moving forward. We are only scared by fear. This is never a good idea. We should find a way to help us break up the circles to come out as bisexual. And create a happy life belong to bisexual. Bisexual should come out for themselves.