The five Sexual psychology of bisexual men

Bisexual men and bisexual women, it is possible for men and women to have a demand, but, compared with bisexual women, bi men's sexual psychology is still different. According to research and analysis, men's psychological habits are the following:
1, like obscene talk
Several bisexual men get together, especially when a few acquaintances chat together, always talk about such a topic, whether it is bisexual man, or straight.
This can’t be called a dirty behavior, which is a common male psychological reflection. There are three main reasons: (1) to send boredom, borrow this kind of boring words to relax the tension and anxiety of daily life; (2) make the chat atmosphere harmonious; (3) when there are women in the side, someone intentionally language indecent assault, want to see the feeling of women when they hear this the reaction of a class of words.
people of different ages, different experiences have different sexual psychological. Older and experienced people talk about it, and more to show its insightful, words should be hidden in the heart to be shared to others, this mentality seem to can’t understand in the women. Older and less experienced people are foolish, mostly from a strange vanity, do not want to be considered lack of experience, or do not understand the world, so smart, talk about special talk. In addition, some people are in a state of hunger and thirst, their indecent assault, quite loose tension, the role of sexual desire to vent. Bisexual men are talking about men and women, they share their own experience, but also increase their understanding of others.
2, like to touch
The psychological characteristics of men determine the male likes to touch women's sexual characteristics, male innate there is a strong "contact with the opposite sex." This is consistent with a principle in zoology: "Sexual behavior, only the male to play its enthusiasm, side possible." Men and women in love, especially hope that men can touch the women, it is because he hopes to be intimate and specific show, hope to be confirmed in the heart. Moreover, due to his physical and psychological factors, want to step through the first step to reach the second step, the third step. As one author wrote, if you kissed hand, then you will have to kiss the shoulders, kiss more kisses. Bisexual men will want to touch the sexes of their interest, whether they are bisexual men, or binary stars to your women, as long as they meet their psychological preferences, they will have a strong desire to touch.
3, like to see naked
Men are easily teased by nude and striptease. This is because women are "tactile" and men are "visual". Men like to see the strength of a woman's naked nature of this sense is determined by the relationship between the inherent pornography and the easy-to-use relationship with the object. That is, the more hidden parts of women, the more psychological of men this psychological. This is because the imagination is stimulated, so that he thought of the next scene, but also made him imagine that he personally opened the last part, the feeling and therefore more intense. So, compared with the frivolous women, shy women are more exciting to men. In fact, not only men like to see women naked psychology, women also like to see the potential of men naked psychological, but no male so strong, active.
4, like to see a woman
There is such a phenomenon in life, in the street, the two groups of men and women came from the opposite direction, passing, all cast a glimpse of each other. At this time, a glimpse of women is to look at the same sex, the male is to the opposite projection. Women glance, is subconscious confrontation, competition, comparisons psychological, male glance is inadvertently "multi-view". There is still such a phenomenon in life: a man and his girlfriend goodbye farewell to see another beautiful woman, will sincerely praise. Men of this psychological phenomenon, like flying from the flower to the flower of the butterfly, even if the love of a, can’t help but look to another. As a woman, do not have to mind this, because men no matter what is "more heart". Bisexual men are so, always want to see more beautiful things.
5, like to listen to love in the past
In the stage of love bisexual men, or straightforward, or pretending to have nothing to ask the lover's past. Why is it so? Because the male's desire is strong. Men have such a psychological, when he fell in love with a woman and want to marry her, he both hope from the current to the future exclusive of her, but also hope that her past is their own exclusive. Once a woman has a love, will be concerned about his present and future, the past is not too concerned about. While men are different, they are subconsciously on the future of the partner "should understand her everything" idea.