The frequency of sex life list

Although we are bisexual dating site, we still want to provide some interesting sex articles for everyone. The frequency of sexual life is mainly related to people's age and status. Today there is a very interesting data, is about 13 countries over the age of 34 men and women (including LGBT and straight people) for the object of sexual life survey. Take a look at the sex life between countries.

According to South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" reported on December 13, a US pharmaceutical company's survey results show that South Korea's lowest sex life, the Portuguese most active.
US multinational pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly12 announced that the company recently 13 countries over 34 years of age for men and women for sexual intercourse. The results show that the average number of weekly life of Koreans is 1.04 times, in these 13 countries at the lowest level. 48% of the South Korean people said they had been spouses refused to live a sexual reason, mostly "too tired" and "fatigue."
At the same time, the most active sex life in Portugal is an average of 2.05 times per week. The survey was conducted in 12063 people from 13 countries such as Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland.
Of all the countries surveyed, the most active sex is Portugal, with an average of 2.05 times per week. Followed by Mexico (2.03), Romania (1.96), Austria (1.53), Belgium (1.44), Switzerland (1.43) and other countries. Finland (1.21) and Denmark (1.10) are comparable to South Korea.
What is the frequency of your sex life? How about bisexual, gay, lesbian?