What will happen when bi man meets bi couple at first time?

Many bi couples want to look for some partners with sex to meet their sexual needs. Some bi couples like male partner, some other bi couples like female partner. There will some groups with mmf and mff. At the same time, bi couples’ dating is different from threesome dating. It’s possible for both husband and wife have sex with a man or a woman. However, the members of threesome usually only have sex with another sex. Because most of them are straight. There is a question come out, what will happen when bi man meets bi couples?

Mr. &Mrs. Smith is a bisexual couple came out on 2013. At the beginning only Mr. Smith came out as a bisexual. He told his wife honestly. She was so surprised. Fortunately, Mrs. Smith understand her husband and accept his sexual orientation. As time goes by, she was gradually affected by her husband. She agreed with Mr. Smith have sex with a man, of course, she never join them. Three years later, we do not know if Mrs. Smith is driven by curiosity, she asked to join in her husband’s next date with a bi man.

The first dating was coming. Although Mr. Smith has already talked to bi-man partner and his wife, there were also something interesting happened.

In order to make everyone feel relax, Mr. Smith chose a bar with soft light and a little quiet bar to ease the tension of everyone at night. However, Mrs. Smith still nervous and shy. She never knew how should herself can have sex with two men later. The picture in the brain is both exciting and tense. They talk to each other with their hobbies, life and work, and so on. When everyone was ready, they to the hotel that booked in advance.

Both the man and Mr. Smith are bisexual men. Their sexual orientation accept that they have sex with woman and man. But this was the first time for Mrs. Smith to have sex with two men. She didn’t know how should she can do. It was pleasure for Mr. Smith to know her concerns and have arranged all programs. At first, Mrs. Smith played with bi man, then she played with Mr. Smith. Finally, she watched bi man play with her husband. To the last part of time, although she did not participate in it, she felt very embarrassed and shy. At the same time, she is very curious. So, she clutching her eyes with both hands, through the fingers to see two men’s sex quietly. And two men were shy, too. They blushed.

Bi man and bi couple’s first date wasfinished with shy and exciting. They think it’s a happy memory. When we try new things firstly, the heart is nervous and excited, created by the memories, but also the most profound. Regardless of whether the process is perfect.