When did you realize your sexual orientation?

Recently, we have always seen some questions about sexual orientation. Today, let’s talk about when did you realize your sexual orientation. We have collect some information from some friends online. Some of them are straight, some are gay, lesbian, and another are bisexual woman and bisexual man.
When we were young, or as a child, we would have an impression in our memory. There is always one thing that makes you memorable, so that you could realize your sexual orientation.

Liza is a straight girl from New York. When she was 12 years old. One day, she made a new friend had just moved to her house next door. He was a boy about 14 years old. She was attracted by him with the boy's brown hair and big eyes, as well as charming smile. She would remember the smile forever. He was so cute, and she thought there was many butterflies in her heart when she looked him at first time. From that time, she knew that she is a straight.
Solomon is a gay. He come out when he was 24 years old. However, when he found he love boys he was only a little guy. He was a shy boy, he always blushed when he talked with girls. He found he more and more want to play with boys after he went to school. At same time, he found he always pay attention to some boys with cute face and handsome body. He like to stay with them without any words, just saw them, listen to them talk with each other. he disliked girls with pink shirts or long hair. With the time goes on. He suddenly realized that he was not the same as the people around, they are always concerned about the girls, and he only concerned about the boys. Until that time, he looked like wake up from dreams, he was a gay.

Kevin has a wonderful experience in his growth process. When he was 15, he liked to quietly watch girl’s boobs and ass. And he fell in love with a girl, and confessed to her. The girl agreed with Kevin. They are increasingly love each other in the beginning months. Love is crazy. However, reality is too cruel. When another more handsome boy said he love the girl to her. She shook her heart. They were broken up. Kevin so pain in his heart that he can’t accept the fact. He went to a small town in summer vacation. On the town, he met a boy, the boy took care with Kevin, played with him. Kevin found that sometimes boys not only as a friend or brother, they can take care of your feelings more carefully, they are cuter than girls. We could imagine that he fell in love with the boy. It is fortunate that the boy is gay. Of course, they stay together with each other. from that time, Kevin knew that he is a bisexual man. Although it is shame to said to others, he is happy. It’s the important thing.

Kevin knew clearly with his sexual orientation when he fell in love with his boyfriend. Sometime we were not understood ourselves until we met someone or something happen. The important thing is not our sexual orientation, no matter we are bisexual, gay, lesbian or straight. We should be happy.