When is your most special bi couples dating?

No matter you have how many times bi couples dating, I believe that there must be once bisexual couples dating made you impressive deeply in your heart. There is a bi couple shared me a dating which was most special in their heart.

Several months ago, there was a birthday party on Simon and Mia’s friend’s house. Of course, they were invited by friends. That night, many people participated the birthday party. After drinking, they felt that they should do some happy things, so that Simon and Mia quietly went upstairs, they went to the innermost corner of the room. There was a bed on the room and did not turn on the lights, only the faint light of the moon. With the role of alcohol, they began to dance with each other and hug each other, gradually their clothes began to fall from the body to the ground. They began to kiss each other from the mouth to the neck…

When Simon and Mia were doing something, the door of room was opening, a woman standing in the doorway. What an awkward scene! A woman saw a couple was having sex on the bed. The atmosphere became embarrassing and nervous, the time was still, the three of them are fixed in there. The key time always need a person to break the embarrassment. At this time, Mia spoke:” join us?” Simon was so surprised because he proposed to his wife that he wanna have a bisexual threesome dating. But Mia refused him. It’s hard to believe that Mia actually have invitation to another woman to join them.

At the same time, the woman was shocked. She was divorced with her husband even though she was only 28 years old. She stayed alone with some months. she was flattered by the sudden invitation. She was a single, there are nothing she afraid of it. The woman decided to join in them.

The bisexual threesome party was coming. The woman kissed Mia, then Mia and woman had sex with Simon. The game lasted about 45 minutes. After that, the woman was gone before they turn on the lights. Since then, they have no contact anymore.

This is an occasional bi couples date. It’s happy that both three of them were happy. Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what will happen next.