Why do men touch the woman's boobs when kissing?

When two people become lovers, there will be kissing behavior, kissing is a way to express love. But many women find that men do not always honest when kissing, like touching the chest, which is why?
Why do men touch the woman’s boobs when kiss?
Breast has been a little attractive to men, whether it is to see or touch have a comfortable feeling. Full and flexible chest exposed the perfect curve of women, tall breasts gives a strong visual impact and beauty, giving a strong desire for sex.
So when they kiss, they do not consciously put the claws to the woman's boobs. especially for adult men, in fact, his deep kiss is not the main purpose, flap is the target. They can enjoy this pleasure, but also a temptation, on behalf of you can accept this, then he can carry on the next step.

Why do man want to stretch his tongue when kissing woman?
Stretching tongue is to kiss, is a more deeply kiss, and most of the women are also accepted, and even never tired. Because the tongue kiss, the two people's tongue can be blended together, so that each other can feel the feeling of pleasure, her boyfriend on your tongue kiss may want to have further development and you, if you have this resentment and her boyfriend can say, do not Reluctantly, barely kissing will not have a sense of happiness, but also may have a nasty feeling.
Man kissing action when exposed little thought!
1. Hug you tightly: hold you tightly, tight so that you can’t breathe, this man is relatively lack of security, but because you can give him safety and peace of mind, he would like to hold the same straw Hold on to you!
2. Touch your hair and chin: kiss you, you will touch your hair, cheeks or chin to comfort you, in fact, men just hinted at you: I will give you a "life only love one" Levi Love, you just feel at ease with me like
3. Finger-crossed tightly: Finger-crossed tightly, is the most natural and lovers of the lovers revealed, in kissing you, but also with your fingers tightly, rather than around chaos, so gentleman and sincere men, you Also doubt his hundred percent sincere?
4. Close the eyes: such a man, doomed innocent loyalty, because he is too concerned about you, for fear that you kiss you will make you abruptly, will be afraid to look at your eyes nervous.
5. Embrace your waist: perhaps just a simple afternoon, but also care about your performance, make you feel full of security, naturally leaning on him.
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